Everything so normal

She sits and stares out of the window, of what now is her home.

For two years she has been living here. The view of the window is nothing special, she can see the street and the endless traffic, chasing time.

After a few moments she realizes that she is scratching the wound on her arm after the syringe. After the injections she felt drowsy and tired, her thoughts feel foggy and slow like in slow motion.

Now that the effects of the injection were decreasing, she would become herself again after a short while. She sits calmly and takes the time to feel how the effects dwindle, how it flows out of her body. It reminds her of the time when she cut herself a year ago and the blood ran from her wrists, it had felt good.

She put her slippers on and got ready to leave her room, but then she heard a whisper in her hear.

– Don’t go. She smiled, she was herself again and Jason was there, then she did not need to go anywhere.

Jason was twenty, very handsome and he belonged to her. Unfortunately they did not get to spend much time together, just the two of them. He kept whispering endearing things in her ear.

– Erin, you are so beautiful and so smart. He whispers with tenderness.

He keeps whispering words of affection and she keeps blushing with every word. She smiles affectionately just for him and they keep exchanging words of love.

– Are you horny?! Edwards slimy voice cuts into the bone. Her smile disappeared, of course Edward would come and ruin it all, he was always so rude and incredibly offensive.

– I know you want Jason to fondle you, everyone knows that. He spat the words at her. Erin looked at the floor to hide her shame. Why did Edward always have to be so unpleasant. Jason became very angry with Edward and yelled at him.

– YOU ASSHOLE!!! We want to be left alone!!! Jason was read with anger!

– Oh yeah so you can touch her. I knew it, you both are… Edward did not finish what he was saying because Marie showed up and she finished the sentence.

– Sinners, open your eyes and hearts to the Saviour. Erin shook her head, did care for them all in her own way but they could never get along.

– Erin you had promised me. Marie stared at her with piercing eyes.

– I know, Marie, and I have not broken the promise. Erin answered with all her strength to hide her feelings from them all. Jason shook his head.

– You are not listening to her, Erin, please tell me you are not that foolish. With tears in her eyes she screams.

– I am not foolish, even though I listen to what others have to say! Jason, you do not know everything and you are not always right! She could see Edwards smug smile appear at those words.

– Oh you are so doable when you get angry, I can play with you and make you feel… She did not let Edward finish what he intended to say instead she screamed with all her might!

– You SHUT UP!!! You piece of shit!!!

– Dear Erin, the Saviour will embrace you and show you love, you just wait, but you chose your words with care. Marie said calmingly.

– The Saviour will free you… Marie began again but Edward interrupted her.

– I can free you. Edward laughed and winked at her. Jason nudge her a little.

– Are you going to let the treat you like this. He said softly.

She stood there hurt and irritated.

– Why do you all act like this, why can there never be peace. Suddenly there was heavy silence in the room and that could only mean one thing, Abigail was there.

– You are at it again! Leave Jason alone you slut!!! Growled Abigail as she shoved Erin, so that she fell to the floor. Erin jumped up and took a plastic cub form the table and threw it at Abigail. The cup landed on the door and then flew to the floor. She started to grab everything that was nearby and threw it at Abigail as she screamed.

– Why wount you leave me alone, I don’t want you here, GO AWY!!! Leave me alone! Why are you guys like this. I just want to be alone with Jason for a little while but you barge in and ruin everything. Go away, all of you! Leave me alone!!! Go! Go away!!

She heard the door open to her room and she knew what would happen next, THE SYRINGE, that was not allowed to happen, then Jason would leave. She seized the chair that was behind her and hurled it towards the door but she missed her mark and it fell to the floor with a loud bang.

Everything happened so fast, before she knew what was going on the needle was in her arm and the content was pushed into her vain. She could hear Jason calmly whisper in her ear.

– Remember, my love, we will meet again when you can be yourself. They don’t understand you, I am the only one that gets you. She smiled and whispered back.

– See you later. The fog clouded her mind again and she fell asleep once more.

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