About me, Gribba


About me

Gribba is the nick name I began using back in 1990 and it just stuck to me.
My real name is Kristrún, I was born in Iceland many ears ago and in 2001 I moved to Denmark and today, I am happily married and a mother of 3 boys.
In my spare time, when I have spare time, I love to write, read, draw, paint, knit, crochet, play GW2 and shoot with my recurve bow.

I work the night-shift at a home for disabled individuals, I work with special cases, that are considered violent, mentally/developmentally disabled. I find the work rewarding and enjoy going to work, knowing I am making a difference for those individuals.

I have a large family in Iceland and I miss them everyday but I love living in Denmark, it is my home.

This is my place on the internet, as I have chosen to stop using facebook, twitter and the like.

ᚴᚱᛁᛋᛏᚱᚢᚾ ᛋᛁᚠ ᚼᛅᚾᛋᛅᚾ

My other websites are http://gribba.dk a place for my knitting & crochet and https://pondering.gribba.dk a place where I write some of my thoughts regarding everything and nothing.




Some photos of me… a glimpse through time…