Lonesome and the steadfast soldier

He sits there, everyday, at the same spot on the stairs and is watching the people rush by, all of them competing with time. The people, staring straight ahead and with hurried paces they enter the ring, the bell rings to announce that the next round has begun. They are back in their places, at their work or habit, what is the difference?
He picks up a coin that has fallen on to the step below and puts it in his pocket. He smiles as this coin has so much value for him and can change so much. He sits still and keeps on watching, watching the same people doing, the same thing, everyday.

The tall woman with the long blond hair and the briefcase, that only wears black. He gave her the name Dew as she reminded him of the morning dew, that falls upon the world, beautiful yet cold.
Then there was the man, with the glasses that were too big for his petite face. And the chubby man that went to the pub after work, was always a little drunk and found some new woman to go home with, most days. He observed so many people everyday that he gave them names he thought would fit them.

Among them was the name Lonesome, a young man, slightly-built, red-haired with freckles. He walked each morning to and from his workplace. He always stopped at the stairs were the homeless man with the missing leg and a patch for the right eye sat, Lonesome always gave him food or coin.
Lonesome makes his way at a slow rate as he keeps moving aside for all the other people. He enters a tall, grayish and cold building that is suffocating him. During his breaks, he comes out of the building, sits on a bench and reads a book not far from the stairs.
During the lunch break Lonesome sits down next to the homeless man and hands him a sandwich. The homeless man nodes gratefully but they say nothing, they just sit there next to each other and eat in silence. They both understand that words are overrated and they do not need to say anything. They both sense their surroundings, the people and each other and that is enough for them. When the break is over Lonesome nods and goes back to his work place.

He sits behind and keeps observing the few people that are around. Some notice him and few go out of their way to give him a coin, he thanks them and smiles. He is content, he knows where his place is. Many that have a home and family have no clue where their place is in the world, like Dew, she hides behind the cold exterior to hide the uncertainty that she feels. He knows he can always find shelter and food when he needs it, he has no need to worry about life.
He waits calmly for the bell to ring again to indicate that this round has ended and for the people to stream out of the buildings all around.
He sits on the stairs and observes the people take the same path back were they had come from this morning. He notices how the people just walk into Lonesome as he attempting to fight his way through the crowd of people but at a slow rate as he keeps moving aside for people.

Lonesome stops not far from the stairs and nods to the homeless man, Lonesome had given him the name The steadfast soldier as he was always at his spot on the stairs even when Lonesomes shift was done. The steadfast soldier nodes back to Lonesome, which then continues on his way with out a smile.
The steadfast soldier shakes his head as he continues to follow Lonesome and his drawn-out battle through the crowd.
The difference between them was great but yet they were much alike. He knew they both had so much to offer but were not given the chance to do so. But the biggest difference was that people did see him, the homeless man, missing a leg, sitting on the stairs but Lonesome was invisible to the world.

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