We are the silent words,
that are rarely spoken.
We are the silent words,
that have the deepest meaning.
We are the silent words,
that bring forth fear.
We are the silent words,
that can make someone happy.
We are the silent words,
that live in the atmosphere
between lovers.


Her soul slowly
became dormant
beginning the day
she met you.

She brought out the fine porcelain
inviting you for coffee,
then dinner,
and in the end
snacks in front of the TV.

She worked hard,
offering you a good home,
became your wife
and gave birth to your children.

You took it happily,
all of it,
and along the way
you forgot her.

The rattle of the chains

I know that your eyes, tell me no lies,
and in your smile, I can get lost, for awhile.

I miss your voice…
I miss your face…

But with every beat in my veins,
I hear the rattle of your chains.

I need to get you out of my mind,
out of my heart, the two are entwined.
I know you are wounded, with several scars,
that led to, you, sealing off, with heavy bars.

My soul is torn…
Inside I mourn…

I sit here with the pieces of my heart,
I watched, as it fell apart!