Who was laughing, oh, yes, it was him. He was laughing because he had almost completed his work. The bodies were found in the order he wanted them to be found and the police was clueless.
In reality he was actually just doing the world a favor because those women were all sinners and should not be wearing cross around their neck. The crosses he took as a trophy. He stared at the corpse for a few moments. She was a stunning woman around thirty with long black hair and big brown eyes. She was well trained with firm breasts. Now she was naked and covered in blood, the blood of a sinner. He ripped the cross necklace off her, the seventh cross, he had a fine collection of trophies now. Some of the crosses he wore around his neck or had them on his person in one way or another. This cross was beautiful, wooden cross, the cross carved out of dark wood and Jesus carved out of lighter shade of wood. This cross he attached to his key change. He stroked his thumb across the likeness and put the keys back in the pocket of his pants that were on the bed behind him.
He turned back towards the body. He needed to write his message on the body like he did with the others, this was the last cleansing for now. He knew the police would not catch him because he was careful and was never careless when it came to his work.
He started to carve the symbols into her skin, the message, the reason for her sins. Then he needed to clean her, with a washcloth in his hand he slowly cleaned the blood off her.
He took his time as he wanted to make sure nothing would go wrong, he was not going to get caught, not ever. He smiled and started to chuckle, this was all so perfect.
He transported the body to the location he had already selected and arranged the body in the same position as the others, to show the Lord that they all had dishonored him.
The best best part was yet to come, watching the police at work and see how how little they had found out. He drove his car home with cheerfulness in his entire body. Full of energy, he cleaned up a little before heading to bed with a smile.


There had been a call, informing of another body and by the description she knew it had been done by the Sinner-killer, that is what she called him but did not share that with anyone. She had to call her partner and tell him to come as they had work to do. While she waited for him to pick up on the other end, she gazed at the map with the marks that showed the placements of the bodies, that were already found.
The first four victims made up a cross on the map and somehow fell into place, she knew that the next three victims were to represent the wounds, one for each palm and the feet.
Damn it, why did they not realize this before. They had used many hours to find patterns and her partner had come up with many ideas but they never seemed to fit. They had ended with the idea that the killer was maybe making many crosses, each smaller than the previous one. Why had they not seen this before. Finally on the other end of the line she heard a faint hallo.
– Were you sleeping? She asked. This was his day off, one of the few he had.
– Yes, trying to get away from you just for a little while. She could hear he was smiling as he said this.
– Well, to make a long story short, the seventh victim has been found. She told him.
– I am on my way. He answered promptly and ended the call.
She went over to the map and placed a finger where the latest victim was found and yes she could see it now, it finally fit. Christ on the cross. She went over to her desk to go through the crime scene pictures and the files.
On the first body on the right hand there was a cut across the wrist and on the left side on the second body. On the third one the cut was across the neck and the fourth one the cut was at the ankles. The placement was not corresponding to the part of the cross that each body was suppose to represent. The fifth victim had a deep wound at the left hand and a similar wound on the right hand of the sixth victim. She knew the that the seventh victim would have deep wounds similar to the others somewhere around the feet. This was so obvious now, although the placement of the victims was not in a accordance to the part they were suppose to stand for, it was just so clear now.
She took few important files with her and was reading through them as she left the station. She waited outside until her partner came, he honked the horn and she looked up startled.
As she entered the car and put on her seat belt she explained what she had discovered. He nodded, concentrating as he maneuvering his car through the traffic. He stopped the car not far from the place where the latest body was found. He turned off the car, took the keys out of the ignition and a wooden cross dangled from the key-change.
– Well, shall we get started? She said as they got out of the car. He nodded.
– Yes, let’s hurry and get this guy. He said as locked the car, he smiled as he put the key-change in his pocket.

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